The following are representative projects that our team executed:

Gas Management System (GMS) Upgrade

February 2016 to October 2018

As a subcontractor to Bridge Energy Group, Senior Business Analyst and Advisor to a major gas distributor for the Development & Implementation phase of the SCADA GMS Upgrade

Preliminary Study for a Relay Settings Management System

March 2014

Business analysis for an extensive relay settings management system.

Business case – GIS and Vegetation Management systems

March 2014

Business case for the evolution of the GIS and vegetation management systems.

Other projects

Older projects executed by our staff.

SCADA/DMS/OMS Solution Selection

June 2015

As a subcontractor to Bridge Energy Group, RFP development and vendor selection for a SCADA/DMS/OMS.

Technical Specification – EMS applications

December 2014

Development of a technical specification for EMS applications.

NERC V3 CIP Compliance

September 2014

Strenghtning of NERC V3 CIP-005 and CIP-007 compliance.

DMS RFP Review and Validation

February 2013

Review and validation of the RFP documents for a SCADA/DMS Replacement project.